Slot Line Calculator

h [mm]
f [MHz]

W [mm] >>> Zo [ohm]
Zo [ohm] >>> W [mm]

er eff k lambda/4 [mm]

[ How to use ]
1. Input the parameter of the circuit board and center frequency.
(1) When the characteristic impedance (Zo) of the line width (w) is calculated.
Input w, and click on [ Analyze ] button.
(2) When the line width (w) of the characteristic impedance (Zo) is calculated.
Input Zo, and click on [ Synthesis ] button.
3. A calculation result is indicated.

[ Note ]Calculation precision gets bad outside the following range.
* er=2.2~9.7 --- W/lambda : 0.0015~1.0
* er=9.7~20.0 --- W/h : 0.020~1.0